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How to improve the wear resistance of metal shredder

Time:2020-11-12 14:20:48   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:494

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The metal shredder machine is suitable for crushing bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, color steel tiles, carriage plates, keel bars, color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, tinplate, scrap angle steel, scrap square pipes, car cabs, filing cabinets, safes, and automobiles troughs, packing briquettes, electrical casings and other waste steel and industrial waste equipment.It is a new type of crushing production line metal crusher suitable for small and medium-sized steel mills, small and medium-sized steel scrap recycling companies, used to provide clean and qualified charge for steel enterprises.

How to improve the wear resistance of the metal shredder is a problem that customers need to know. For metal shredder products, the liner plays a vital role in the metal shredder. If the material of the liner is not good, the metal is broken. The service life of machine products will also be greatly shortened. The metal shredder equipment liner uses high-manganese steel liner, which greatly improves the wear resistance and has a service life of 6-8 months, which greatly saves the user’s production cost. In addition, after many years of operation, the user’s feedback has been good. The liner has the advantages of wear resistance, shock absorption, long life, etc., which is suitable for the working conditions of metal shredder equipment.

1. The blade of the metal shredder is made of wear-resistant high manganese steel, and the hardened layer of the blade is strengthened through special technology to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the blade;

2. Ensure uniform feeding, shorten the cycle of the metal shredder and reduce wear;

3. Increase the hardness of the hard disk of the component itself, and use special wear-resistant material production equipment, so that the life of the wearing parts can be effectively extended twice;

4. Reasonable configuration of the blades and various parts of the metal shredder can achieve good crushing and reduce the wear rate.

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