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What are the advantages of the funnel-shaped inlet of the metal shredder

Time:2020-11-10 15:40:40   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:508

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The metal shredder has a wide range of functions and uses. Its appearance has ushered in the spring of the renewable resources and waste processing industry. There are many types of metal shredders, but the feed inlet is generally funnel-shaped, why is it funnel-shaped instead of other shapes, and what are the advantages of funnel-shaped.

There are two factors for the feed opening of the metal shredder to be funnel-shaped:

① The funnel-shaped inlet is convenient for feeding, whether it is a large or small piece of material, it can enter the metal shredder for shredding;

②Another advantage of the funnel-shaped feed inlet is that it can protect the operator of the metal shredder. When the metal shredder is working, it is inevitable that some brittle or hard materials will be entrained in the shredded materials. When shredding, it may splash out and fall on the operator, causing damage to the operator.

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