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Reasons for uneven discharge of two shaft shredder

Time:2020-11-16 11:06:22   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:625

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With the continuous emergence of various discarded cans such as beverage cans, beer cans, paint cans, etc., how can we effectively use these discarded cans to benefit mankind? Shuguang machinery has launched a new, efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly two shaft shredder, the new and efficient two shaft shredder perfectly solves the problem of waste recycling.

The two shaft shredder has the remarkable characteristics of simple operation, flexible and convenient, compact structure and large output. Nowadays, many customers report that the output is uneven,shuguang machinery will explain to you how to deal with this kind of problem:

First of all, it is possible that the voltage is unstable, which will affect the stable performance of the motor, resulting in uneven gear speed, which will be faster and slower for a while, which causes the problem of uneven discharge. Therefore, when you notice the uneven discharge, you must turn off the power to check, because when the discharge is uneven, it is easy to cause blockage, causing the equipment to be filled with unprocessed materials and causing unnecessary losses.In severe cases, a large number of blockages may cause problems such as shutdown and motor heating.

Secondly, it may also be because the motor is not stable. When the voltage is stable, when the pressure with the rotation becomes greater and greater, a series of phenomena such as the original location of the motor will be shifted, the base screw will be loosened, and so on. So when the equipment is turned off, check whether these parts are intact . In addition, the current two shaft shredder industry standard is not standardized, and there are many kinds of matching two shaft shredder blades. The same manufacturer may use five or six different two shaft shredder cutters. At present, the two shaft shredder knives of shuguang machinery protection are all customized according to the needs of customers, and customized according to the output required by the customers, so that these problems can be solved to a greater extent.

As a professional shredder manufacturer and supplier, Shuguang Heavy Machinery's waste shredder can shred common domestic waste, and has a special production line to treat waste tires into small particles, which are used as raw materials in many fields.Welcome to contact us for more details.

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