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Two shaft shredder

Two shaft shredder

Applied MaterialFeeding Size

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity0.5-50t/h

Applied Material:car shells, tires, metal barrels, and scrap aluminum,scrap steel, domestic waste, industrial waste, etc.

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Product introduction

Two shaft shredder is also called double shaft shredder,which is a kind of equipment that can decompose materials through tearing, squeezing and shearing to reduce the size of materials to facilitate use in other industries. It is mainly used for plastics, rubber, waste wood or utilization of some recycled items such as paint buckets. 

Structure parts

1. Shredder blade: The shredder blade is divided into a fixed knife and a movable knife. The fixed knife is fixed on the main shaft of the shredder through the internal hexagonal locking hole to crush the material.

2. The main shaft of the shredder: a regular hexagonal interface shaft, which is linked with the reducer through a bearing and a coupling.

3. Shredder chassis: It mainly provides support for the installation of bearings and the fixation of the main shaft, while providing a relatively closed space for the four-axis linkage crushing.

4. Bearing: The internal pressure-bearing cylinder reduces the friction during the rotation of the spindle, thereby reducing torque loss.

5. Reducer: Adjust the output speed of the motor through the reducer, while reducing the damage of the motor caused by the spindle impact and increasing the spindle torque.

6. Support frame, screen, motor, hopper, power distribution cabinet, electromagnetic reversing valve, and other controls and other accessories.

Working principle

The materials enter the shredding box through the feeding system, and the shredding blade and metal shredder are carried on the box. The materials are shredded into small pieces by the combined effects of shredding blades torn, squeezed, and sheared and discharged from the lower part of the box.

Technical data

Model Blade(mm) Power(kw) Rotating Speed(r/min) Yield(t/h) Finished product(mm) Weight(t)
YH-500 220 7.5*2 10-14 0.5-1 2-10 2.5
YH-600 300 22*2 10-14 1-1.5 2-10 4.5
YH-800 400 30*2 10-14 2-2.5 3-10 6
YH-1000 400 37*2 10-14 2-4 3-10 7.5
500 45*2 10-14 2-6 3-10 9
YH-1200 500 55*2 7-14 3-6 3-10 12
600 75*2 7-14 5-10 4-10 16
YH-1500 600 90*2 7-14 10-16 4-10 23
YH-2000 600 110*2 5-14 15-25 7-20 28
700 160*2 5-14 20-50 7-20 35

Factors affecting price

1. Material: The shredder is made of steel, so it is greatly affected by the price of steel. With the ups and downs of steel prices directly affecting the price of shredders, there is no doubt. Different manufacturers may choose different materials. The thicker the steel, the longer the use time, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are also greatly improved, and the price is also very different.

2. Model: The price of different types of tire shredders is also different. For example, the different output will directly cause the price of the shredder to be very different. The output is different, and the selected model is also different.

3. Output: Different users have different requirements for the output of the shredder. The different output will directly cause the equipment price to vary greatly. The higher the output, the higher the equipment performance requirements and the higher the price.

4. Material of the tool. A large part of the cost of a shredder is the knife. Tools of different materials have different hardness and materials that can be shredded. The prices of tools of different materials vary greatly. Generally speaking, the shredders with lower prices use ordinary knives, which can shred paper and plastic materials. If you need to shred harder materials such as metal, it is recommended to buy a higher price shredder.

5. Equipment supply and demand situation: The supply and demand relationship of shredder equipment will have a very important impact on the price of equipment. There are many shredder manufacturersand there are many shredders for sale on the market, and the market supply exceeds demand, and the price of shredder equipment will drop.

6. Equipment competition: the price of shredders in the market needs to be formed through market competition, and the degree of competition will have an important impact on the price of equipment. There are many shredder manufacturers, and the number of equipment produced is large. Under this level, the market competition will be very fierce. In this case, various manufacturers will appropriately adjust and reduce the price of shredder equipment.

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