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What security check items need to be done before using metal shredder

Time:2020-12-18 09:45:52   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:517

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The safety inspection of the metal shredder equipment before use is an extremely important link. When the metal shredder equipment is produced, it can be produced by not simply turning on the power supply. What safety measures are required for the equipment before production? What about testing? How much do you know about the security inspection knowledge before using the metal shredder equipment?

Before using the metal shredder, you need to do the following safety tests:

 First of all, it is about the detection of the forward and reverse rotation of the metal shredder equipment before use. When the power is turned on, be sure to use idling operation in advance to check whether the steering is normal. If it is not normal, it means that there is a problem with the positive and negative poles of the power supply. Check the power connection in time to ensure the normal steering;

 Secondly, it should be mentioned that when installing and changing tools, the knife edge must protrude between two to four centimeters from the cutter head, because if it protrudes too much, it will touch the equipment around, which will eventually lead to damage to the tool and the screw When the bolts are tightened, there should be no signs of loosening. Once the bolts are loosened during use, the danger of the tool itself will be greatly increased;

 Finally, there is the problem of crushed materials with stones or steel nails during use. The existence of these problems is very dangerous.

Because the metal shredder runs at high speed, these hard substances are likely to cause serious damage to all parts of the metal shredder.

 The above content is a safety monitoring link of the metal shredder equipment I have introduced for you before use. I hope that the above explanation can help you in the safe and correct use of the shredder equipment in the future.

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