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Parts management of metal shredder

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Whether the metal shredder can operate better and reduce the occurrence of failures is often related to its parts. Therefore, the maintenance and replacement of parts should not be sloppy.

In the work of the metal shredder equipment, each component will have different degrees of wear. In order to grasp the wear condition of the parts and correctly inspect and repair the metal shredder equipment, you can first understand its wear rules.

The degree of wear of parts is determined by a series of factors. Generally speaking, it is mainly determined by the working environment of the parts, the size of the load, the working temperature, the speed of relative movement between the parts, the type of friction and wear, and the type of lubricant. The quantity, quality and lubrication method, the size of the matching gap between the parts, and the daily operation and daily maintenance of the metal shredder equipment are composed of factors. Practice has proved that those who can strictly operate the metal shredder equipment and carry out daily maintenance and maintenance seriously will reduce the wear of parts, extend the life of the metal shredder equipment, and increase the utilization rate of the metal shredder equipment. Violation of the operating rules of the metal shredder equipment, failure to strengthen daily maintenance and maintenance will increase the amount of wear and tear of the parts, or even premature inspection and repair in the event of an accident, will reduce the utilization rate of the metal shredder equipment.

When we study the law of parts wear, we must study the characteristics of the gradual increase in wear of the parts of the metal shredder equipment. When the wear of the parts increases to the maximum allowable limit, it must be repaired or replaced, so as to better ensure the operation of the metal shredder.

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