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The rubber industry shredder adopts special technology, which can make the waste tires into good properties of modified asphalt, functional auxiliary, reclaimed rubber and so on. Made of scrap tire processing equipment manufacturing reclaimed rubber or rubber powder compared with the production of reclaimed rubber, processing is simple, there is no waste water, waste gas pollution problem, and superior performance, can be widely used, are generally used in all kinds of rubber products, building, highway, railway, airport, stadium, decorative materials and plastic modification, etc., is specialized in environmental protection and resource recycling is a promising way of recycling.

The rubber industry shredder equipment is suitable for scrap tires, rubber scrap, rubber products, rubber scrap, rubber garbage and other materials. The tear chamber and power device adopt multiple sealing device, which has good sealing and corrosion resistance. The case can be designed according to the requirement of stainless steel. The blade is made of high strength alloy steel and has very strong wear resistance and high strength, which greatly increases the service life. Portable box design, easy maintenance, uniform size, controllable size, can meet the requirements of different materials. The equipment corrosion, leakage, explosion, etc to do the design of professional processing, the machine is equipped with nitrogen and carbon dioxide fire protection system and security door, ensure the process from feeding to pieces with high security and sealing. Screen removal is convenient and simple. The whole system is controlled by PLC and dynamic real-time monitoring. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost and good quality.

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