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Double shaft shredder:

1. Breaker body

The main body of the equipment adopts high quality steel plate welding to eliminate stress treatment/whole machine processing to ensure the stability of the equipment in the long time heavy load.

2. Bearing/seal

Bearing adopts patent split detachable type, can quickly remove the moving knife, knife, bearing parts, easy maintenance and replacement of cutting tools, special seal structure effectively block gouge and grease contact, deal with liquid material also can protect the bearings and gears, etc.

3. Moving knife

Moving blade materials using special special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, heat treatment and cold heat treatment technology, the overall hardness toughness consistent repeat repair can be used, to ensure that the cutting performance and service life. The fixed knife adopts patent hook type installation, optimizing tool replacement function, making tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.

4. Knife shaft

Using high - strength heavy duty special steel processing, more reasonable to cooperate with the cutter to provide a powerful driving force.

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