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Reasonable maintenance can extend the life of the metal shredder

Time:2021-01-12 16:13:30   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:256

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If you want the shredder to have a longer life, you must maintain the shredder. Only if the metal shredder is maintained, its life will be longer, and there will be fewer problems with the school during use.

Maintenance and repair of metal shredder:

1. In the course of use, when an unnatural sound is found, the machine should be turned off immediately.

 2. Check the lubrication phenomenon in the bearing regularly, and inject lubricating oil regularly to reduce the friction between the bearings.

3. Check whether the rolling direction is correct after wiring the motor.

4. When rolling the main shaft pulley, it is necessary to check whether there is any collision between the belt and the main shaft when rolling.

5. In the crushed and destroyed materials, try not to mix different materials into the metal shredder and shred them. This will not only mix together and be difficult to separate when the material is discharged, but also cause certain damage to the metal shredder. , The gain is not worth the loss

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