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The automatic deslagging system for Raymond mill is used to discharge raw materials hard to grind and crush, for example, limestone, bentonite, marble and so on. The hardness of these raw materials are higher than normal materials, difficult to grind and crush, which will also influence the output of Raymond mill and speed up the parts wearing. However if install the automatic deslagging system, it will effectively abolish these impurities and increase the capacity and decrease the wearing.

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In the bottom of the Raymond mill, the wind channel has holes, which besides the margin, outside holes channel there welds a discharge tube with small caps. When the Raymond mill is running, some materials hard to grind will enter into discharge tube through relieving tool. When the discharge tube is stuck of raw materials, the outside caps will automatically open and discharge the impurities without losing micro powder.

The improvement on Raymond mill equipment is developed according to the users feedback and manufacturers technique R&D, deeply digging into the customers to gain practical experience. Only continuously innovate and try out can we produce high quality powder grinding equipment.

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