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In recent years, the double shaft shredder in the domestic large-scale exhibitions, with novel and clue of the design guide the fashion trend of domestic and international industry, for the general customers and professionals to bring a unique aesthetic experience. With the paint bucket, caigang watts, the expansion of the old circuit board recycling equipment market, the manufacturers all over the country also started the double shaft shredder use material lists, produced by different material quality performance has the very big difference.

double shaft shredder used for pieces of plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, large-scale hollow material (plastic and other large container), and a variety of mixed waste, especially waste containing metal, or is broken silt easy wear of cutting tool such as waste. For example: winding film, woven bag, TV, refrigerator shell, wood, sedan and medium car tire, hollow barrel, fishing net, cardboard, circuit board, etc.

The thickness and number of knives can be changed according to different materials. The crushing hollow material can be equipped with the pressure material device to increase the output. The size of the material can be controlled by adding rotary screen. The twin-axis shredder is noiseless and pollution-free in the shredding process. In the work, the material can be fully and effectively broken in the broken cavity, the output is high, the energy consumption is low, the efficiency is high, the material is thin and even. And in the use of the equipment, the noise is low, pollution-free, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

With market competition intensifying, domestic shredding machine you want to get ahead in the tide of competition, the first task is to strengthen the quality of existing equipment and technology, reducing the gap between the industry and machinery industry as soon as possible, to create their own brand, the market active! Different also decided to machine the price of different material, in order to be able to choose to fit their own double shaft shredder, we need to know what you need to crush materials and may need to crush the material, after some customers in the selection of double shaft shredder don't know much about the machine, only for the price to choose machine, this kind of practice, of course, is very unscientific, in order to be able to let users better to buy a good machine, welcome customers call advisory.

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