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In recent years, with the sustained and rapid growth of national economy, the shortage of metal resources contradiction growing, in this case, how to effectively use of scrap metal, make the scrap metal recycling, solve the problem of the shortage of metal resources in China, is the problem to be solved, by the various aspects of attention.

The old plastic shredder machine is a new generation product developed by the technology expert of zhengzhou shuguang heavy industry and the most advanced technology in the world. The plastic shredder machine not only improves production capacity and shredding efficiency, but also extends the application scope.

Plastic shredder machine is a scientific research staff of zhengzhou shuguang heavy industry co., LTD., based on the advantages of absorbing various industrial shredding machines, making full use of the theories of impact, shear, collision and grinding. The shredded metal particles can reduce transportation cost and improve the efficiency of iron smelting. It also plays an irreplaceable role in scrap metal processing.

The purpose of the plastic shredder machine of zhengzhou Shuguang heavy industry:

Plastic shredder machine is a kind of advanced finely shredding equipment, can be all kinds of waste plastic products, according to the requirements of users, make the material in the machine body through the interaction between the external force and deformation and split into tiny particles machine. Shredding is very good.

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