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With the rapid development of urbanization, the production and discharge of construction waste in cities are also increasing rapidly. Then people need a waste shredder to help us! People enjoy urban civilization at the same time, also in city garbage brings troubles, which occupies a large proportion of the construction waste, accounts for about 30% ~ 40% of the total waste, so how to deal with the construction waste and make use of more and more, has become the government departments at all levels and construction waste processing units are facing an important subject.

Many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as renewable resources after sorting, removing or crushing, mainly including:

(1) the term "shredder with abandoned buildings and abandoned brick concrete aggregate production thickness, can be used in the production of the corresponding strength grade of concrete, mortar or preparation, such as block, wall, floor tile and other building materials products. After adding solidified materials, the coarse aggregate can also be used for road surface.

(2) waste shredder makes recycled bricks, blocks, wallboards, floor tiles and other building materials.

(3) waste shredder can be used for road construction, pile foundation packing, foundation foundation, etc.

(4) for waste wood kind of construction waste, not obvious damages of wood can be directly used for reconstruction of building again, seriously damaged the wooden components can be used as the regeneration of wooden plate of raw materials or paper.

(5) waste shredder can be directly used in recycled asphalt concrete by using asphalt mixture of abandoned pavement.

(6) waste shredder USES abandoned road concrete to process and prepare recycled concrete.

(7) waste shredder can be directly reused or reprocessed by waste steel, steel scrap and other scrap metal materials.

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