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1. Different models

Metal shredding machine manufacturers are many, and each produced equipment models also have a lot of kinds, different models of equipment data also exists a big difference, choose a suitable metal shredding machine is very important, first need to figure out how crushing machine, you need to understand the performance of the machine 1) compatible or not. If the crushing demand is small and the big metal shredder is bought, it is not the best interest of the machine.

2. Supply and demand

It is very important to select the manufacturer. If it is the key equipment of the manufacturer, the production of this equipment is high, the sales volume is high, and the costs will be reduced.

3. Regional differences

Metal shredding machine manufacturers in different areas, the equipment price is different also, manufacturers a relatively developed area, consumption level is high, so manufacturers custom equipment prices will certainly on the high side. Another is the logistics developed, of course, the manufacturers who are close to themselves will have great convenience in logistics costs and after-sales convenience.

Metal shredder

We henan in the production of metal shredder manufacturers, with advanced production technology, make its produce equipment are of good quality, excellent performance, low price, low price of the following reasons:

1, our company has advanced equipment production technology, production equipment in the process of no waste of resources, and also have their own sources of raw materials, and equipment of the production cost is much lower, the price is set by the more economical and practical;

2, meager profit but high turnover is the policy of our company has been selling equipment in order to the user the benefit of the factory to improve, the market price and the ex-factory price of equipment is the same, to 50000 yuan, less than other manufacturers to reduce the user cost of investment;

3, freight cost is very low, we are in zhengzhou, henan, the transportation is convenient, the region people's consumption level is low, the equipment of the freight is also very convenient, and sales of equipment cost is low, prices are lower.

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