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To buy car tire shredder equipment customers often ask: inpiduals or enterprises want to invest in waste tires oil refinery, do waste tires oil refining, there are a lot of problems, we now problem summary and do answer.

Automobile tire shredder.

1: some people say that investment waste tyre oil refineries are forbidden by the state, some people say that environmental waste tyres shredder and environmental friendly waste tyre refining equipment can, don't know how is the policy on this?

2: it is said that the refined diesel oil is not known to be used in this oil truck or dump truck.

3: how about the oil? Is it for the small gas station?

4: oil refining, oil selling, what procedures and certificates are needed?

National policy on substandard oil refining equipment is certainly prohibited. The customer buy our waste tyre crushing equipment has a lot of all is the use of the early earth refining equipment, in the process of using zhong da is less than the environmental protection requirements, shut down by the relevant departments, so if you want to scrap tire broken after refining or must be environmental protection. The production process of waste tyre refining equipment is smoke-free, and it is tasteless to meet the environmental standards. The waste tyre refining equipment is exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, South Africa and southeast Asia.

Waste tyre refining equipment.

The grease out waste tyre refining equipment can't be directly used truck, because the grease out waste tyre refining equipment is tire pyrolysis oil, if you want to use to the van and refining, before they can use mainly in general diesel engine generators, tractors, boiler.

End product of waste tyre refinery equipment: use of pyrolysis oil.

Used for cracking oil of waste tyre refining equipment:

As fuel, it is sold to cement plant, glass factory, ceramics factory, power plant, steel plant, boiler factory and so on.

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