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With the development of economy, metal products unique physical and chemical properties, application field of metal products almost penetrated into each industrial sector, and in the whole national economy plays a more and more important role. The metals used depends on the degree of deep processing of, including ultrafine grinding and ultrafine classification, fine purification and surface modification, etc., one of the effective ultrafine comminution is the prerequisite and guarantee for the various processing of. Therefore, the development of ultrafine pulverizing technology determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization effect of metallic mineral products. Raymond mill has also developed rapidly with the support of ultra-fine crushing technology.


With the development of mining industry, the development of the metal mining industry has become one of the important indicators to measure the progress of science and technology and the degree of industrial development. Raymond mill has played an important role in grinding and grinding of metal ore.


After decades, especially in recent years, the research and development, metal industry has achieved great development, continuously improve its deep processing technology, narrow the gap with developed countries, basically can satisfy their own industry and the quality requirements of raw materials required in related field. After decades of research, developed a series of mill, including: R series grinder, HCM series ultrafine powder mill, HC series vertical pendulum powder grinder, series of jaw crusher, fine crusher, nissan 50-1000 tons of complete sets of processing equipment and so on several big series of products. Among them, R series pulverizer, namely the tilting mill (Raymond mill), including 2R2713, 3R3220, 4R3216, 4R3216B, 4R3218, 5R4119S, 6R5125S and other specifications and pressure enhancement type. Production and development, design, production grinding, crushing and ultra-fine crushing equipment, dressing equipment. Its equipment performance and matching process technology are approaching or reaching the international advanced level, and some equipments have new unique features in structure performance. Preparation technology of mineral raw materials have for automobile, papermaking, rubber, plastic, machinery, ceramics, special coatings, aerospace, microelectronics, composite materials and other industries provide functional non-metallic materials. Its Raymond mill can also be used in crushing technology.


According to the investigation and analysis, the development and utilization of metal products in China began in the '50 s, when Raymond mill technology was by the introduction of learning from abroad, so far have found valuable metals reached more than 100, more than 5000 places of origin, and Raymond grinding technology has been rapid development.

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