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Raymond mill as an important equipment of Raymond mill industry, along with the mining, metallurgical and other industrial Raymond mill, with the rapid development of Raymond mill is continuously perfect, so the demand of the Raymond mill to much the more, Raymond mill has now become the Raymond mill is very commonly used equipment in the industry, and Raymond mill at work some vulnerable parts more or less will be some problems. And Raymond mill's vulnerable parts generally have grinding roller grinding ring, spatula, bearing. Belt and blade, etc., and such vulnerability of wear parts if happen will have certain effects on the working efficiency of the Raymond mill, here is to share some methods about wear accessories maintenance and maintenance, hope can help you to reduce wear accessories.

Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding ring in equipment work usually wear serious accessories, also is one of the most important accessories, because of its characteristics of the work is to grinding materials, and so can produce friction material directly, therefore more susceptible to wear and tear, so the material of roller wear resistance properties of commonly used material, so can reduce wear accessories. Followed by the shovel, the shovel is used for scooping up at work material, can direct and contact friction material, so it is very susceptible to wear and tear, if wear serious when can cause not scooping up material, so before work to check the wear situation of vulnerable parts, to be replaced in time, if there is a severe worn and do daily maintenance and maintenance can effectively reduce the wear parts, improve the service life of the equipment and the production efficiency.

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