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A good thing can not be limited to one side. Just as we judge a person, it is wrong to look at it from one point of view. We should consider the quality of a thing from all aspects. When you look at this thing, you should consider it from many aspects. "As the peak of the ridge, the distance is different." Yes, don't look too one-sided. This thing is good, that is judged from many angles.


1. According to the choice of crushing raw materials, hammer shredder with top feeding can be selected for the crushing of grain feed, claw shredder for the crushing of bran and wheat feed, and hammer shredder with tangential feeding can be selected for the crushing of grain and straw for the purpose of good versatility. Shellless shredder can be used for crushed shells and other mineral feeds, and special non-sieve shredder should be used for the pretreatment of premixed feeds, which requires fine granularity of crushed products and can be adjusted according to needs.


2. According to the production capacity, the general shredder specifications and nameplates contain the shredder's rated production capacity (kg/h). But we should pay attention to several points: 1. The rated capacity is the output under specific conditions. For example, the grain feed shredder, refers to the crushing raw material for corn, its moisture content is stored in safe moisture (about 13%), the diameter of the screen is 1.2 mm. Because corn is a commonly used grain feed, the diameter of 1.2 mm aperture of the screen is the smallest commonly used screen hole, at this time the production capacity is small, which takes into account the production of more common and difficult conditions. 2. Selected shredder production capacity should be slightly greater than the actual production capacity, otherwise it will increase hammer wear, air leakage and other causes of production capacity decline, affecting the continuous production of feed supply.


3. According to the selection of matching power, the power kilowatt of shredder matching motor is loaded on the machine specification and nameplate. It often indicates that it is not a fixed number but a certain range. There are two reasons for this. First, the power required for crushing raw materials varies from time to time. The two is that the load of shredder will be greatly affected when different sieve holes are replaced.


Fourthly, according to the choice of discharging mode, there are three ways for the output of crushed products through discharging device: self-weight blanking, negative pressure suction and mechanical conveying. Small single machines mostly use self weight cutting mode to simplify the structure. Medium-sized shredder mostly with negative pressure suction device, the advantage is that it can absorb the moisture of finished products, reduce the humidity of finished products and facilitate storage, improve the grinding efficiency of 10-15%, reduce the dust emission of the grinding chamber.

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