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Metal shredder machine is widely used in scrap steel automobile factory, scrap material recovery and other departments, so its design has a wide range of prospects and rich experience for reference. The essence of the design is that, after completing the overall design plan, it refers to the design, installation, positioning of the main parts, and strength checking and testing of inpidual parts.


Classification of 1.1metal shredder machines and crushers:


Classification of 1.1.1metal shredder machines:


1. According to the number of rotary shaft, it is pided into single rotor and double rotor.


2. According to the rotator direction of the rotor, it is pided into two parts: irreversible and reversible.


3. According to the arrangement of hammers, they are pided into single row type and multi row type.


The way to connect the hammer on the rotor is fixed hammer and movable hammer.


Classification of 1.1.2 crusher:


1. According to the particle size requirements of crushing operation, it is pided into coarse crushing crusher, medium crushing crusher and fine crusher.


According to the structure and working principle, it is pided into jaw crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher, Gong crusher, metal shredder, counterattack crusher.


Advantages and disadvantages of 1.2metal shredder


The advantages of 1.2.1metal shredder are:


1. Simple structure, compact size, low self weight, low power consumption per unit product.


_, high productivity, high crushing ratio, small and uniform particle size of the product, a cube, less excessive crushing phenomenon.


The work is continuous and reliable, and maintenance and repair are convenient. Vulnerable parts are easy to be overhauled and replaced.


Disadvantages of 1.2.2metal shredder:


(1) The main working parts, such as hammerhead, castor bar, lining plate, rotor, disc and so on, wear faster, especially when the object is very hard, wear faster.


2. When falling into the unbreakable metal blocks, it is easy to cause accidents.


_For materials with moisture content more than 12%, or more clay, the outlet grate is easy to block up, which will reduce productivity and increase energy consumption, so as to accelerate the wear of vulnerable parts.

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