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There are many factors affecting the use effect of tire shredder, including the influence of its own equipment and the influence of the external environment. Many users often pay attention to the use of some important components in the process of using the equipment, but often ignore the details of the use of the problem, and the voltage is more easily ignored by many users. In the process of using the equipment, the voltmeter connected with the equipment will feed back the value of the supply voltage in real time. When the voltmeter pointer is unstable, the supply voltage used by the equipment is suddenly high or low.


Since the starting and running of tire shredder has a rated power consumption value, when the voltage output current value does not reach this standard, the motor can not drive tire shredder to normal operation, showing the status of "calf pulling cart", at this time the friction between tire shredder components will increase. The use of equipment is disadvantageous.


Ensuring the stability of tire shredder supply voltage is an important factor to ensure the high-speed, stable and orderly production of tire shredder. During the use of the equipment, users should eliminate all the factors that affect the safe operation of tire shredder, and the voltage should be confirmed before the operation of the equipment.

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