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Can Wood with nails be used in Wood shredder? With Wood shredder processing of materials, widely used in bamboo veneer, apply to the horizontal template, shear wall, the houses built straight wall plate, bridge, viaduct, dam, tunnel, subway, and beam template, also widely used in all kinds of containers, packing boxes, cars and trains backplane, home floor, indoor ceiling, door plank, furniture, etc., but after used, such as waste bamboo veneer is how to deal with? Throwing away not only pollutes the environment but also occupies space.


There is no need to worry now. The large Wood shredder produced by zhengzhou shuguang machinery is not a problem at all for the crushing of various kinds of nail Wood. Wood shredder comes with its own iron removal system, reaching 100% iron free products. Primary processing process: raw material raw material - belt conveyor - four rolls kneading and crushing - crushing damage chamber (high strength thickening hammer head)- thickening screen equipment - belt conveying equipment - iron removal equipment - product materials.


In the past, users did not know how to handle used bamboo veneer. Now, since the large Wood shredder is available, bamboo veneer, waste site template, packaging boxes, household floors, indoor ceilings, door panels, Wood furniture, etc. can be processed and destroyed. Large Wood shredder mainly processes some used bamboo plywood, used formwork on site, used construction formwork, wooden pallets, containers, packing boxes, used furniture, Wood scraps and other used Wood with nails. Among these Wood, there are inevitably nails, which can be damaged by normal mechanical processing. Our company's latest Wood shredder is not afraid of nails. It is the ideal choice for professional destruction of Wood with nails and cement blocks.


Large Wood shredder will be useful after the waste Wood processing, first used in sawdust board, high density board, paper pulp, paper firecrackers cannons, mechanism charcoal, garden of inorganic fertilizer, particle board manufacturing as well as the edible fungi medium, flowers, pad pet circle and so on, will waste Wood, waste not only maintain the environment, the first is to increase the additional economic benefits.


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