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Four key tips for shredder equipment maintenance. Shredder has been in use for a long time, there must be some loose parts, maybe other questions. The most common question is that the motor will be short of oil when it is used for a long time, which will affect the use of the whole machine, especially the shredder processing material production line. If the motor is heated, it may not be able to drive it to shred and process.


1.Adjustment of the compactness of shredder triangular belt: when the triangular belt is too tight, the motor bearing heats up, the speed decreases when it is too loose, and the triangular belt simply slides, all these affect the application. When adjusting the tensioning degree of the triangular belt, the bolts of the fixed motor seat can be loosened, and the position of the motor on the slide can be changed by adjusting bolts. After the three belts reach the required tightness, the fixed bolts can be tightened again.


2. Shredder motor will need to be refueled after a certain period of operation, or it may need to turn the cleaning bearings and inject lithium base lubricating oil from scratch. Return the lubrication of the bearing.


3. It is assumed that shredder cutting tools are not sophisticated and simple enough to form the situation of breaking knife and waste. This situation is generally caused by the disder spindle rotating base and cutter base in the process of processing, which are formed by different cores. When spindle is working at high speed, if appear, spindle and cutter are different, can affect to process material molding degree and product yield not only, and still can affect to add operation to use.


4, the power cord of shredder motor cannot be too long or wrapped around. Such a simple formation of motor voltage may be under current. We all know that the voltage of the motor operation is 380 volts, and the operating current is marked on the name plate of the motor. The rated current of the wire must be greater than the rated current of the motor, otherwise the motor will simply heat or incinerate in an undervoltage or undercurrent condition.

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