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Time:2018-01-10 00:00:00   Author:Shredder Manufacturer  Popularity:307

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Development of Dual Shaft Shredder, promote the effective utilization of wood resources, improve resource utilization, conform to the requirements of the current economic development in our country. Dual Shaft Shredder and use, can satisfy the demand of wood powder product market. In order to better help people use Dual Shaft Shredder, explain to everybody.

Dual Shaft Shredder equipment is mainly pided into the body, the body and the several parts of the body, and fan component, setting the dust catcher, installed in the machine has its blades, exactly what is not said, here is mainly how to distinguish the quality problem of the machine. If you can, had better open the box, and then carefully check factory production factory in the process of production if there were any accidental damage.

After the inspection, the motor and controller components, and then add some raw material of debugging, the time to listen to the noise of the machine is too big, see, see whether the machine have obvious trace, shaking, then watch products, according to the I buy the machine, see a raw materials processed into powder or one-time 90% into crumbs.

If all goes well, the proof machine basically do not have any quality problem, if not be at ease, can completely in the lumber mill machinery factory technicians assembly machines, machine accessories and host internal check it again, see if there are quality problems.

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