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The wood shredder is a device that can dispose of waste wood, and in recent years a number of companies that have used wood processing equipment have sprung up. Some users reflect the strong vibration of the wood shredder in use. Small pieces of wood shredder are not yet obvious, but the vibration of large wood shredder is very strong. This is very dangerous, so users should try to avoid the vibration of the fuselage of the wood shredder in use.

The wood shredder vibrates strongly during the test run. There are several reasons for this:

(1) error of hammer installation in repair and assembly. In order to prevent the rotor weight from losing balance, all the hammer pieces in the wood shredder must be turned around in order to prevent the rotor weight from losing balance. Otherwise, strong vibration will occur in the operation.

(2) the weight difference between the two groups is more than 5 grams. The rule of thumb is to adjust the weight of the weight, so that the weight difference between the two groups is less than 5 grams.

(3) the inpidual hammer pieces are jammed too tightly and the operation is not shaken off. After the machine can stop, turn the watch by hand, and find a way to make the hammer move flexibly.

(4) the weight of other parts on the rotor is not balanced, so it is necessary to carefully check and adjust the balance.

(5) bending deformation of the main shaft of the wood shredder. The solution is straightening or replacing.

(6) the clearance of the wood shredder bearing exceeds the limit or damages. New bearings are generally used to solve problems.

(7) the base Angle fixing nut is not fixed or loose in operation. The solution is to tighten.

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