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Plastic shredder

Plastic shredder

Applied MaterialFeeding Size

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity0.5-50t/h

Applied Material:Waste plastic,wood,paper,metal,rubber,tire,etc.

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Production Introduction

Plastic shredder is a kind of equipment widely used in processing waste materials. The volume of processed waste materials is smaller and more convenient to handle or can be used as raw materials for other products. The plastic shredder is mainly composed of a frame, a reducer, a motor, a shock absorber, a knife box, a knife shaft, a movable knife, a fixed knife, a feed port, a safety inspection frame, and a safety isolation net.

Scope of application

Plastic shredder shredder is suitable for crushing materials as follows:

The thickness of the shredder blade is 220mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, and the blade can be selected according to the size of the particles after the object is broken.

Waste plastics: water pipes, curtains, credit cards, packaging, water bottles, soft material films, insulation and sheaths of pipes and wires, cables, and tube packaging for toothpaste or facial cleanser

Tires: car tires, truck tires, waste rubber

Waste wood: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets

Scrap metal: car shells, aluminum alloys, scrap cast aluminum parts, engine shells, lead, and steel plates with a thickness of less than 5mm

Paper: newspapers, weekly magazines, binding or thread-bound books and magazines, letterhead paper, promotional paper, etc.

Solid waste: plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, iron barrels, packaging boxes, packaging barrels

Industrial waste: large pipes, pipe fittings, PE pipes

Electronic waste: the obsolete items of electronic technology such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions and other household appliances, and computers and other communication electronic products

Domestic waste: domestic waste, animal carcasses, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological oranges, garden waste, etc.


1.The frame plate is welded by high-strength steel plate, which can resist high torque and is very strong.

2. It adopts microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

3.The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be replaced according to different materials, using D2 material, which is durable and not easy to collapse;

4.The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low energy consumption, low noise, and less dust, which can meet environmental protection standards.

5.The equipment is easy to adjust and place, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

Technical Data

Model Blade(mm) Power(kw) Rotating Speed(r/min) Yield(t/h) Finished product(mm) Weight(t)
YH-500 220 7.5*2 10-14 0.5-1 2-10 2.5
YH-600 300 22*2 10-14 1-1.5 2-10 4.5
YH-800 400 30*2 10-14 2-2.5 3-10 6
YH-1000 400 37*2 10-14 2-4 3-10 7.5
500 45*2 10-14 2-6 3-10 9
YH-1200 500 55*2 7-14 3-6 3-10 12
600 75*2 7-14 5-10 4-10 16
YH-1500 600 90*2 7-14 10-16 4-10 23
YH-2000 600 110*2 5-14 15-25 7-20 28
700 160*2 5-14 20-50 7-20 35

Common faults and solutions

1. Tear the jammed material in the cavity. It is necessary to cut off the power supply in time. The cause of this failure is caused by excessive feeding. The solution is to adjust the feeding amount.

2. The motor belt is slipping. Mainly caused by the slack of the motor belt. The solution is to tighten the belt.

3. The motor temperature is too high. Mainly due to the long working hours of the motor. The solution is to stop the operation at regular intervals.

4. The sliding bearing of the suspension shaft is locked. Mainly due to the large air outlet gap, the air pressure in the suspension shaft cavity is lower than the air pressure in the grinding cavity, which causes dust to enter the suspension shaft cavity. At this time, you need to contact the factory personnel for troubleshooting.

5. The safety pin is cut off. With the extension of the time of use, the safety pin of the shredder is cut off. At this time, the power supply should be cut off immediately and replaced with a new safety pin.

6. The roller of the manual plate rotates while not rotating. The main reason is that the lubrication is not in place. After stopping the operation, do a good job of lubricating the manual plate roller.

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