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Industrial trash shredder

Industrial trash shredder

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Product introduction

The industrial trash shredder is suitable for the crushing operations of urban household garbage, electronic garbage, industrial waste, agricultural waste, medical waste, etc. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low dust, low maintenance cost, and use. The industrial trash shredder can effectively process all kinds of solid waste. The crushed material has a uniform particle size, 95%≤50mm, which achieves the purpose of crushing and destruction and improving incineration efficiency.

Working principle

The industrial trash shredder mainly relies on the principle of "shear and cut" to complete the process of crushing solid waste.The motor drives the reducer to transmit the torque to the moving knife of the shredder through the knife roller shaft.The hook of the movable knife hooks the material and tears it down, and the blade of the counter roller cuts up solid waste like scissors. The crushed and pre-screened materials are discharged from the bottom of the shredder.


1. The main body of the industrial trash shredder is welded with thick steel plates to ensure that the equipment is more robust and durable;

2. Power system: The power system is composed of a motor and a reduction box, which is easy to install and low maintenance cost;

3. Bearing: NSK is adopted, which is dustproof and sealed, easy to disassemble and assemble;

4. The movable knife is made of alloy steel forging and has been hardened and wear-resistant treatment for a long time of use;

5. Unique cutter design, no winding, no blocking, and high crushing efficiency.

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