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What are the types of shredders and the materials that can be processed

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Nowadays, the shredder series equipment is gradually increasing.The double-shaft shredder is used to shred plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, large hollow materials (large containers such as plastic barrels) and various mixed waste materials, especially metal-containing waste materials,or pre-shredding waste materials that are easily worn out, such as mud, sand, etc. The later processing of these materials must be completed by shredders.For example: rolls of film, woven bags, TV sets, refrigerator shells, wood, car and medium-sized automobile tires and hollow barrels, fishing nets, cardboard, circuit boards, etc., packing box shredders,

diversity and practicality are one of its greater advantages.

The double-shaft shredder has high environmental protection requirements, large specifications, high degree of automation and strong mobility. The output and stability of this model are greatly improved, and the equipment is more robust and reliable. The development and application of shredders has set off a new wave in the modern manufacturing field. Shredders with nail templates and the level of intelligence of shredders are constantly improving.

Shredders include metal shredders, biaxial shredders, tire shredders, color steel tile shredders, paint bucket shredders, rubber shredders, multi-function shredders, plastic shredders, garbage Shredder, template shredder, waste paper shredder, aluminum profile shredder, plate shredder, shear shredder, wood shredder, woven bag shredder, etc.They all have the advantages of stable operation, reliable performance, high crushing rate, fine crushing and coarse grinding functions, low cost, low investment, low operating cost, high efficiency and energy saving.

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