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How to avoid jams in waste paper shredders

Time:2021-03-31 14:18:33   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:659

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The waste paper shredder is the leader in the shredder industry. Regarding daily waste paper, cartons, cartons and other paper products can be shredded without pressure. The waste paper shredder is also the same as other shredders. Material jams are very common. Then we can reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon as long as we take precautions in our usual application.

There are three rules to follow:

1. Can not exceed the hardness range of the material shredded by the waste paper shredder.

2. It cannot exceed the size range of the material shredded by the waste paper shredder.

3. Operate the equipment strictly in accordance with the rules. For some uncertain materials, we must do the test operation of the waste paper shredder as soon as possible to prevent the material jam of the shredder as much as possible.

The waste paper shredder is suitable for thick metal blocks, or materials with hard materials, or the size of the material that exceeds the size of the shredder shredded by the shredder.These materials are not suitable for shredding, which will also cause material jams to a large extent.

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