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What is the significance of the waste paper shredder used for waste paper recycling

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The paper shredder is mainly suitable for various shredding operations,such as waste books and papers, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, cardboard, paper tubes, paper cores, paper boxes, cartons, printing paper, aluminum foil, kraft paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper, wallpaper and other paper waste products.Due to the advantages of high wear resistance, high crushing strength, stability and safety of the equipment, and the increasing environmental protection in various industries in recent years,waste paper shredders have gradually been widely used by major waste paper recycling stations, which has played a major role in promoting the development of the shredder machinery industry.According to the survey, the market sales of environmentally friendly waste paper shredders have continued to rise in recent years, and the users and manufacturers of waste paper shredder equipment have also increased year by year.

These phenomena clearly show that the use of waste paper shredders for waste paper recycling is of great significance and has a great effect. So today we are discussing the value of waste paper shredders, that is, waste paper shredders. What is the significance of waste paper recycling?

1. Using recycled fiber to make paper can greatly reduce forest, water and electricity consumption and pollutant discharge. According to experts, recycling one ton of waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of recycled paper fiber, which can save 17 trees and save 3 cubic meters of landfill space.

2. In foreign countries, waste paper is called forest resources in cities, because waste paper, book paper, office paper, kraft paper, cardboard boxes, corrugated paper, etc. are all precious fiber raw materials.

3. Using waste paper to make paper has low energy consumption, low environmental protection treatment fees, and low unit raw material costs. Newsprint produced with waste paper in my country can reduce the production cost by 300 yuan/ton compared with virgin wood pulp.It can also reduce environmental pollution, so people call paper and cardboard produced from recycled fibers as green products.

4. Use waste paper as a resource to achieve a win-win situation for saving and environmental protection. It is learned from paper mills that produce environmentally friendly recycled paper that using 1.25 tons of cultural waste paper as raw materials can produce one ton of recycled office paper. According to international standards, it can save 4 cubic meters of wood, 100 cubic meters of water, 600 kWh of electricity, 1.2 tons of coal, 300 kilograms of chemical raw materials, 150 yuan for waste disposal, and land for landfills.The pollution of surrounding groundwater caused by landfill waste was avoided, and 3 cubic meters of solid waste and 60 pounds of industrial waste gas were reduced. If calculated according to my country's standards, it will save even more. Based on the plant's annual output of 50,000 tons of recycled paper, it can save 5 million cubic meters of water and 200,000 cubic meters of wood.

All in all, the important significance of the waste paper shredder used in the recycling of paper waste lies in the environmental protection benefits, whether it is from the aspect of energy conservation and reuse, or the treatment of environmental pollution,environmentally-friendly waste paper shredder equipment plays a vital and very active role.

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