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In order to ensure the normal operation of metal shredder equipment, the normal use of everyday, careful maintenance, had a great influence on the service life of metal shredder, therefore must develop a safe operating procedures and maintenance system, regular repair and replacement parts, to prevent incorrect operation caused by equipment and personal accident.

The safety operation procedures and reasonable maintenance system of the metal shredder shall be carefully formulated by the user according to the actual situation of the site, and the following considerations should be taken into consideration when formulating.

Normal use of metal shredder:

The metal shredder shall not be used to complete tasks other than the design requirements; The passageway to the emergency stop switch should be free of obstacles and regularly check whether the switches are in good condition; There should be enough leveling facilities for each transfer.

Matters needing attention in operation: follow the operation procedure strictly. During the operation of metal shredder, it is not allowed to manually clean the cutter, electric control and fuselage, and replace parts or lubricate maintenance. During operation, no part of the body is allowed to be inserted into the metal shredder to prevent the moving parts from being involved or crushed; Shredder can not have oil and corrosive chemicals. When the metal shredder is turned on again after a period of shutdown, it needs to be thoroughly checked to make sure that all parts of the shredder are intact, and the metal shredder does not affect the operating foreign body. The adjustment of the driving device and the adjustment of various safety protection devices shall be carried out by full-time personnel. The operator should record the equipment when it is abnormal, and stop immediately when emergency occurs.

Periodic inspection of metal shredder equipment:

Users should establish a system of regular inspection and maintenance; Inspection cycle; In addition to daily maintenance, the period can be shortened or extended according to site conditions and actual conditions.

Repair contents of metal shredder:

Inspection of wear of shredder; Damage repair; In addition and replacement of reducer lubricating oil, check the deformation condition of all kinds of racks, crack of weld seams, and repair and repair according to the condition; The shredder shall be inspected according to the instruction manual, and it shall be dismantled and replaced with serious wear parts. Check whether there are cracks in the welding parts of the knife roller. To control the electrical appliances, the safety protection device comprehensively detects, replace the components and the failure, the protection device; Replacement of bearing lubricating oil; Check the tension forming and safety protection device.

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