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Wood is very versatile, wood can do the table, bench, such as floor of wooden, wooden toys, etc., can also do our work life cannot leave the lumber, so, how to reuse the waste scrap wood? Jap's environmentally friendly wood shredder was created to solve this problem.

Wood shredder is a multi-function, general machinery, the butcher is made of special alloy steel after special craft, has good abrasion resistance and high strength, driving part adopts intermediate gear transmission, form a differential relationship. Screen disassembly is convenient and simple, the appearance is beautiful and elegant structure precise and compact.  

Scope of application:

Bucket products:

Plastic bucket, metal barrel, paint bucket, IBC bucket, garbage can.


Household garbage, medical waste, kitchen waste industrial refuse, garden garbage.

Plastic products:

Plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans.

Metal products:

Aluminum profiles, oil filters, car housing, cans, metal cans, wire rope.


Newspaper, paper, corrugated paper, copy paper.

Electronic appliances:

Refrigerator, circuit board, laptop case, TV case, CD DVD.

Glass products:

Glass cotton, glass, glass bottle.

The role of wood shredder generally includes:

1. Tear the unqualified product into smaller pieces for recycling.

2. Reduce the volume of raw materials to be mixed with other materials.

3. Tear up organic matter to make biofuel.

4. Tear up some textile materials for reuse of the fiber, such as carpet crushing.

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