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In recent years, the dual-axis shredder has been sold at home and abroad, leading the fashion trend of domestic and foreign industry with the common novel planning, bringing the common aesthetic experience to the customers. With the paint bucket, the color steel tiles, the used circuit board to recover the expansion of the equipment store, the double axis shredder can tear up the different information is the concern of the people.
Shredding machine
Biaxial shredder can tear the different materials;
Biaxial shredding machine used for pieces of plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, large-scale hollow material and a variety of mixed waste, especially waste containing metal, or is crushed waste containing such as silt wear simple tool. For example: winding film, woven bag, television, refrigerator shell, wood, car and medium car tire and hollow barrel, fishing net, cardboard, circuit board, etc.
In the process of shredding, the double shaft shredder is noiseless, pollution-free, high output value, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and uniform material. Along with the market competition requirements, tore up domestic machinery manufacturers to win in the competition, the most important is to strengthen the equipment quality with the development of science and technology, metal shredding machine to carry out up to now, has made great progress.

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