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The main factors that affect the installation of the aluminum cans shredder are the following. Here we will give you a simple share, so that you can have a better understanding of the aluminum cans shredder and use double Shaft shred opportunities can be of great help.


1. After the installation of the aluminum cans shredder, an empty machine test is performed. Open the aluminum cans shredder for idling. If there are no abnormal conditions after a few minutes, it means that our aluminum cans shredder has been successfully installed and can be produced. .


2. The installation of the aluminum cans shredder should be fixed to ensure that it does not appear loose. This phenomenon will be ignored by many people, because it doesn't feel that it will have any effect. It is not a big deal, but the result is just the opposite. Big problems are caused by small problems. If the fixation of the aluminum cans shredder is not fixed, then it is easy for the long-term production to make the shredder become weak, and the vibration will be exacerbated over time. Eventually, the noise of the shredder will become larger and easier The shredder is damaged, so we need to fix the aluminum cans shredder to ensure long-term normal production work.


3. The wiring problem of the aluminum cans shredder before installation. The wiring problem is one of the most basic and important issues. We have to choose the right line for routing to ensure the normal operation of the aluminum cans shredder. It should be noted that we need to install a switch to control the knife outside the switch of the shredder, and if there is a problem, we can directly cut off the circuit.


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