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 In order to make the tire shredder equipment meet the shredding requirements of different customers, the technical staff of Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry has successfully developed a series of advanced tire shredders after years of intensive research and learning from the advanced experience of similar foreign products. The unit has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency, which enables users to use large diameter tires economically and effectively. For all scrap tires that can be put in the mouth of the feeding box, other rubber materials can be shredded without cutting and disintegrating.


The tire shredder developed and produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry consists of the main structure of the motor, reducer, rotary knife shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame, base, box, base, hydraulic cylinder, oil pump, etc. composition. This tire shredder is designed to shred all kinds of tires. It can effectively shred rubber tires, bias tires, radial tires, and automobile tires. After the tire is shredded, it can be ground into a powder by a mill device for reprocessing and recycling.


The cutter is made of special alloy steel, which is sturdy and durable; low transmission speed, low noise, large torque, equipped with electrical overload protection, more suitable for the shredding of extra large and thick miscellaneous items. The unique rotary knife is designed and processed in terms of thickness, shape, and order of arrangement. It has strong shearing force, sharp blades, and can be shredded with high efficiency. Ultra-thick plate precision-machined combined structure frame, powerful rotation axis with large angle hexagonal column, large diameter and solid input into the hopper, so you can safely input large raw materials. PLC control, when the processed material is too large or too large, it is equipped with forward and reverse running and shutdown functions to protect the body and ensure safe use.


Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry specializes in the production of tire shredder equipment, twin shaft shredders, metal shredders, template shredders, oil barrel shredders, etc. Shredder equipment produced by our company has advanced technology and quality Reliable and efficient shredding. Interested users are welcome to come and visit.


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