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Dual shaft shredder is widely used in shredding all kinds of waste, promoting the secondary use of these waste, it plays a huge role in environmental protection. As the main part of the shredder, the reducer is a kind of machine that needs to operate for a long time. It will generate heat. If it can't cool down effectively, it will affect the service life of the machine or damage the machine. Let's introduce the effective cooling method of the dual shaft shredder reducer.


1. Use the cooling fan. When installing, install a cooling fan at the end of the input shaft and blow it into the gearbox.


2.Cool the coil. This type is placed in the gearbox and a cooling coil is placed. When water is introduced, the water is discharged and the temperature of the lubricating oil in the gearbox decreases due to the flow.


3.Cooling fan + cooling coil. This is easy to understand, that is, to use the above two together.


4.Use coolant to cool down the reducer. In this way, it is suitable for equipment with large load and heat. When the transmission is transferred, the oil pump is used to cool the oil in the transmission. At the same time, the oil at room temperature is added to the gearbox and cooled with lubricant.


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