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As we all know, lubrication is one of the important tasks in the daily maintenance of dual shaft shredders. But we often make a lot of mistakes before choosing lubricants, which creates great hidden dangers for the dual shaft shredder. Let's take a look at the six major misunderstandings in the use of lubricating oil for dual shaft shredders:


1. The higher the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the better

We know that in order to prevent wear of the contact surface between the moving parts of the dual shaft shredder motor, the lubricating oil must have enough viscosity to form an oil film between the moving parts at various operating temperatures, so that the dual shaft shredder motor runs smoothly. But this does not mean that the higher the viscosity of the lubricating oil used in the dual shaft shredder, the better. Because the lubricating oil with excessive viscosity is used in the dual shaft shredder, it will increase the friction between the parts and cause the motor to heat up.


2. Change the lubricant when it turns black

The lubricating oil of the dual shaft shredder must be replaced when it turns black. This view is very one-sided. For the lubricating oil without adding a quiet dispersant, the darkening of the color is indeed a sign that the oil has been seriously deteriorated, but the lubricating oil used in current dual shaft shredders generally has a quiet decomposer. This cleanser will wash off the glue film and black carbon deposits adhering to the piston and disperse them in the oil to reduce the generation of high-temperature deposits in the motor. Therefore, the color of the lubricating oil is likely to turn black after a period of time. The oil has not completely deteriorated.


3. Lubricants can be chosen at will

What kind of lubricating oil is used in the dual shaft shredder? The lubricating oil that can maintain a relatively stable lubricating performance no matter how the external temperature changes, can better protect the dual shaft shredder motor. When choosing lubricating oil, you can judge the quality of lubricating oil by looking at the specifications on the product packaging, certification marks, anti-counterfeiting marks, and observing the lubricating oil (oil color, whether there is sediment) and other methods. If the oil is clear and yellowish-brown, it indicates that its quality is better. In general, a good engine oil should maintain suitable viscosity, neutralization, oxidation stability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


4.Additives are useful

Really good lubricating oil for dual shaft shredder is a finished product with a variety of protective functions. The formula already contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, and the lubricant pays attention to the balance of the formula to ensure the full play of various properties. Because we don't know much about the ingredients of these lubricants, we suggest that you don't add various additives to the lubricants by yourself to avoid problems.


5.Add more lubricating oil

When lubricating oil is added to the dual shaft shredder, it is necessary to "just enough", not too much or too little each time. If the lubricating oil is too little, the purpose of lubrication cannot be achieved, and the friction between the parts of the dual shaft shredder will increase, causing damage to the parts of the dual shaft shredder; if the lubricating oil is too much, the belt of the dual shaft shredder will slip And other hazards, making the dual shaft shredder unable to work normally.


6.Lubricants are often added and do not need to be changed

Frequently check the lubricating oil of the dual shaft shredder is correct, but only supplementing without replacing it can only make up for the lack of oil quantity, but cannot fully compensate for the loss of lubricating oil performance. In the course of use, the quality of lubricating oil will gradually decrease due to pollution, oxidation and other reasons. At the same time, there will be some consumption, which reduces the quantity.


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