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I saw a question asked by someone on the Internet: what is the reason why the plastic shredder blade is particularly worn out after 5 days of use on garbage plastic.


Plastic is a material with low hardness. When using a shredder for shredding, under normal circumstances, serious blade wear should not occur. The only reasonable explanation is that the shredder blade used by the user is not qualified. Presumably, the user is using shredder equipment produced by a small manufacturer.


In fact, the regular shredder manufacturers do not directly produce shredder blades. The general method is to import finished or semi-finished alloy blades and then install them. The shredder alloy blades produced by foreign professional tool manufacturers have higher processing technology,and the quality is guaranteed.


Considering the cost, some small domestic manufacturers use the blade made of steel plate for grinding, and the better one is the shredder blade made of white iron as raw material. This kind of blade is inexpensive and meets the cost of small manufacturers positioning. The price of shredder is also cheap. Some users want to buy this kind of machine.After purchasing this type of machine, the blades proposed by the above users are not durable and require frequent polishing.


Another reason may be the raw materials. We guess that there may be a harder metal mixed in garbage plastic. In the shredding process, the shredder wears out very seriously. This can also cause the aforementioned problems. If the user cannot guarantee the hardness of the raw material, we recommend using a metal shredder to shred the material. The price is higher than the plastic waste shredding opportunity, but the body structure and blades are all based on the hardness of metal. Designed for larger materials, so it becomes easy to shred some plastic garbage.


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