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A shredder is a machine used for fine shredding, generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or leftover materials to make their size smaller. A typical example is to shred plastic or rubber scraps and use them as raw materials to melt them and then pellet them to re-make plastic bottles, tires or trash cans. The product is used in the plastic recycling industry, often used in the shredding of waste large-caliber PE plastic pipes, bundles of plastic films, large stacks of plastic sheets and head materials. Also known as shearing shredder, it can reduce the size of materials through cutting, tearing and squeezing.


Structure composition and characteristics of shredder:

The shredder is composed of a motor, a hardened gear reducer, a rotating knife shaft, an imported movable knife, a fixed knife, a frame, a box, a hydraulic cylinder, an oil pump, and a cylinder. A fixed knife is installed on the frame, and a removable embedded movable knife is installed on the rotary knife shaft. The number of movable knives is determined by different models and the size of the rotary knife shaft. The movable knife is a four-corner surface that can be used. After being blunt, the angle can be changed. Because it is claw type moving cutter and rotary cutting tool, the fixed cutter and moving knife are made of SKD11 imported from Japan, and their hardness is after heat treatment It can reach HRC60 ° above, so it has long service life, strong cutting ability and high productivity.


Double shaft shredder type:

According to the structure of the shredder, there are mainly three types of double-shaft (or four-shaft) shearing, single-shaft roll cutting and tearing.


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