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The dual shaft shredder is mainly used to reduce the size of the material by cutting, tearing and squeezing. This dual shaft shredder is widely used in waste plastics, waste rubber, wood and other large-volume wastes. Introducing more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing such equipment in Europe and the United States into China, and making improvements based on domestic actual conditions, researching and developing, and launching a series of dual-shaft shredders with mature technology and advanced design, which help China's waste recycling Content processing provides reliable quality equipment.


 But whether it is a car or mechanical equipment, there is a running-in period and a wear period. After a long-term use of the dual shaft shredder, the equipment will be worn out by hard materials and will also have a wear period. In severe cases, it will affect the shredding effect of the entire equipment, so the editor introduces the operation method of the dual shaft shredder to reduce wear and tear. I hope it can really help you.


1. After the dual shaft shredder is turned on, it can be put into production after confirming that it is correct.

2. The dual shaft shredder should add materials evenly when it is put into production to avoid equipment overload or blockage.

3. The temperature rise of the bearing of the dual shaft shredder does not exceed 35℃, and the high temperature does not exceed 70℃. If it exceeds 70℃, it should be shut down immediately, find out the reason and eliminate it.

4. Before stopping the machine, the feeding work should be stopped first, and the motor can be turned off after the crushed material in the crushing chamber is completely discharged.

5. During crushing, if the machine stops due to material blockage in the crushing chamber, the motor should be turned off immediately, and the material must be cleaned up before restarting.

6. After one end of the hammer plate of the dual shaft shredder is worn, the head can be adjusted for use.


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