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The waste shredders produced by shuguang are cast with brand-new materials, which are wear-resistant and impact-resistant. The required dimensions can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The output particle size of the waste shredder will directly affect the product qualification rate, so what factors affect the output particle size?


1. In addition to the hardness of the material itself, the factors affecting the particle size of the waste shredder are also related to the size, composition, size of the discharge port and the loose state of the material in the waste shredder cavity;


2. When the waste shredder shreds materials, whether it is material layer or single particle shredding, the feed size increases and the product size becomes smaller. Therefore, in the production, the size of the waste shredder suitable for the specification and the size of the discharge outlet should be selected according to the feed size;


3. Material layer shredding can reduce the size of shredded products more than single-particle shredding.


Therefore, it is necessary to keep a suitable material layer in the shredding cavity of the waste shredder in production to reduce the size of shredded products.


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