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Blade is the core part of metal shredder equipment, so shredder equipment is also very important in the selection of blade, and the value of blade directly depends on the value of equipment. Well,when we need to replace blades, how to choose metal shredder blades?


1. Material selection of blade (in the early stage of blade manufacturing, we need to select materials according to the tearing objects, and select different raw materials for different materials) to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction;


2. The blade blank must be forged to achieve a more precise combination of steel atoms;


3. Precision and parallelism of machining equipment must be within the tolerance range of blade;


4. Wire cutting must ensure that the plane is perpendicular to the blade edge and the inner hole;


5. Heat treatment process, tempering must reach the steel holding time, hardness must be uniform;


6. Accuracy of grinding equipment.


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