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Metal shredder is mainly used to break all kinds of hard scrap metal and other materials, so the problems of wear, material jam and sudden power failure are common faults. These sudden failures will affect the production efficiency of metal shredder and seriously affect the service life of the equipment. So at this time, we have to find out the reason and solve it. What should we do when the metal shredder encounters an emergency in operation?


1. In the use of metal shredder, some users will keep adding materials in order to catch up with the output, which will cause the metal shredder to work overload, which is easy to cause the feeding port or crushing cavity to be blocked, and the phenomenon of machine jamming will occur, and in serious cases, the elbow plate will be broken. Therefore, when adding materials, it is necessary to add them evenly and do not rush so as to make the normal production of the metal shredder.


2. The power of the metal shredder is driven by the transmission belt. When the transmission belt is loose, the material will be broken insufficiently; when the transmission belt is too tight, it is easy to break, which will affect the normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the tightness of the transmission belt is appropriate before starting each time.


3. Metal shredder bears a huge impact force in the work, which will cause the fuselage loose, thus affecting the normal crushing operation. For example, there is an eccentric shaft device inside the metal shredder. When the bushing fixing the eccentric shaft device is loose, the eccentric shaft will be stuck, and the metal shredder can not work. Therefore, it is necessary to check the internal parts of the fuselage for signs of looseness, and fasten them in time if any.


When the metal shredder encounters an emergency, I hope you don't worry, to calm down and find reasonable countermeasures, so as to solve the problem of the equipment.


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