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Prevent the metal shredder from overloading for a long time

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Check the metal shredder equipment. If the shredder is driven by a diesel engine, the power of the two engines should match, that is, the power of the diesel engine is slightly greater than that of the shredder.

And the pulley grooves of the two engines do not match, the outer ends of the pulleys should be on the same plane.Before starting, please check whether the connecting bolts of each part of the equipment are tightened, whether the belt is elastic, whether the power cord is normal, whether the motor shaft is parallel to the shredder shaft? Check the blade to see if it is normal.

Fix and install the metal shredder equipment, the fixing work of the metal shredder should be fixed on the cement foundation.If the working position needs to be changed frequently, the shredder and motor equipment should be made of angle iron on the seat to avoid damage caused by the movement of the metal shredder.During work, please always pay attention to the working state of the shredder and feed it evenly to prevent blockage and overload during long-term work. If there is vibration, noise, high temperature and external spray between the bearings and the main body, please Stop the inspection immediately.If there is no problem, please continue to work and carefully check whether there are damaged materials. Do not mix with foreign objects such as stones and metals to avoid damage to the machine.

When the metal shredder is working, the operator shall not disassemble the equipment, nor disassemble the machine, check the working status of the shredder room, and must not put maintenance tools on the machine or packaging. The operator should not wear gloves. When jam occurs, It is forbidden to enter the hopper. When feeding, please stand beside the shredder to prevent the crumbs from rebounding and hurt your face. Do not stop immediately after the work is over. It should be idle for 2-3 minutes to allow all the materials in the machine to be discharged;precautions after starting the metal shredder. After starting the machine, let the equipment idle for 2-3 minutes to check whether the rotor rotates correctly and the sound is normal. It only works when it is stable at an extra speed.

The maintenance and protection of the metal shredder equipment after shutdown. After the metal shredder stops, the cleaning and maintenance should be stopped. The blade is the main consumable part. After wear, the entire blade group should be replaced together.Regardless of whether the blades are replaced in the same direction or in the same direction, when replacing a new blade, the entire blade set should be replaced instead of replacing the old blade with one blade. After 300 hours of operation, the metal shredder should clean the bearings and change the oil, and the belt should be removed when working for a long time.

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