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How to reduce the cost of sand dryer

Time:2021-01-20 15:50:00   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:215

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of the drying industry, sand drying equipment is also an indispensable drying equipment in the industry. Because different sand drying equipment manufacturers have different processing quality and technology, the carrying capacity of the equipment is also different. The difference is that the heat energy consumed is closely related to the material. So we understand the high cost of sand drying equipment, how to reduce the cost of sand dryer?

The investment cost of sand drying equipment is related to the investment of the dryer manufacturer. Therefore, the cost of the dryer manufacturer invested by the user is different. Users can choose some of the top dryer manufacturers in the industry through the Internet, trade fairs, etc., and users can choose dryer manufacturers with reasonable quotations based on the quotation information provided by these dryer manufacturers, and the investment in river sand drying Machine equipment is more cost-effective. According to different consumption levels in different regions, the cost is also different.

The use of sand drying equipment requires power supply control. In the process of dewatering and drying sand, it is very necessary to reduce power consumption. In addition, during the operation of the sand drying equipment, the user can select a suitable heat source according to the actual production conditions to save investment and obtain greater profits.

Then, in the process of sand drying, it is more important to keep heat in the drying cylinder and reduce various heat losses. This requires us to maintain good airtightness on the drum of the sand drying equipment and to do a good job of heat preservation.In this way, the moisture content of the sand entering the drying cylinder is controlled within a certain range, which is more conducive to the rapid drying of the material, improves the heat utilization rate, and reduces the production cost.

If the sand material has a very high humidity, it will inevitably absorb more heat when it is dried, which will further increase the heat consumption. Therefore, for sand materials with excessive humidity, we can first perform physical dehydration treatment, which not only speeds up the drying speed of the sand, but also reduces the probability of failures during equipment operation, and reduces the time and material waste caused by production failures.

Finally, increasing the inlet temperature and lowering the outlet temperature of the sand drying equipment is also an effective way to reduce costs, because the inlet temperature is high, which is conducive to the rapid evaporation and drying of the water in the sand; and the low outlet temperature can reduce the heat consumption and keep it in the early drum. Internal, so waste is reduced.

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