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How to choose a suitable metal shredder

Time:2021-01-18 16:34:23   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:294

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As the economy develops faster and faster, the consumption of metals is also increasing, but the speed of mining is fixed, metals are becoming scarcer and more expensive, and metal shredders came into being under this situation. It is a good start for metal recycling. The metal crusher can process cans, paint buckets, bicycles, cars, etc. Various materials can be effectively finely crushed in the crushing chamber, and separated and processed into metal particles.

This machine has strong production capacity, large processing capacity and high economic benefits.

The metal shredder equipment has a frame structure, and the inside is composed of knives, blades and two-axis rubbing knives, so that the materials can be squeezed and torn in the shredding bin of the metal shredder to obtain qualified products.The metal shredder equipment is composed of the upper, middle and lower three parts of thickened steel plate, the inner steel plate and the perfect combination of the outside, which achieves uniform tearing, wear resistance and durability, and meets national environmental protection requirements during the work process. The multifunctional metal shredder has its inherent advantages in terms of design, quality, performance, use and maintenance. It has a strong impetus for the treatment of scrap metal, enabling users to obtain satisfactory treatment results.

There are many models of metal shredders, so how to choose the shredder you want? Let me tell you about it

1. According to the nature of the raw material and the characteristics of the machine and equipment: metal shredders of different models and specifications have different properties and quality, and the characteristics of the available raw materials also have certain differences. For example, standard small shredders such as the 600 type are more suitable for lightweight materials Such as plastic, film, etc., and large shredders such as 1300 are more suitable for scrap metal tearing.Therefore, when customers purchase machinery and equipment, they must conduct a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the raw materials and the characteristics of the machinery and equipment themselves, and then match the types of machinery and equipment with the nature of the raw materials.

2. According to the production volume requirements: because the raw material manufacturers have different operating scales, technical strengths, and assets, the requirements for production volume are also different, and the production volume of metal shredders of different models and specifications are also different .Therefore, customers must also consider their own production requirements when selecting.

3. Choose according to the price of machinery and equipment: There are many models, specifications and manufacturers of metal shredders on the sales market, and the prices also have the characteristics of large fluctuations and large differences. Therefore, to purchase machinery and equipment with higher cost performance, customers must Investigate the market price, and go to the manufacturer to conduct a detailed analysis of the characteristics and quality of the machinery and equipment on the spot, and then select the shredder equipment with higher cost performance.

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