Drinks bottles shredder
Drinks bottles shredder
  • Drinks bottles shredder
  • Drinks bottles shredder
  • Drinks bottles shredder
  • Drinks bottles shredder

Drinks bottles shredder

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Drinks bottles shredder is a machine for crushing waste plastics. It deals with mineral water bottles, plastic barrels and plastic bottles used in life and industry. Large pieces break into small pieces, and then continue processing. It's a good helper for dealing with plastic garbage.
Product introduction
Drinks bottles shredder has been widely used in the resource recycling industry, also known as double tearing machine or shearing machine crusher working principle is through large power electric power by the reducer drives the shaft and the tool of each turn, in order to achieve the material extrusion, tear and shear effect.

Feed Size(mm)
length * width * height
Blade Size
Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm)
SG600 ﹤500*500*3 7.5-18.5 300-600 20-40
SG800 ﹤700*700*5 15-45 300-600 20-40
SG1000 ﹤800*800*8 30-55 300-700 30-100
SG1200 ﹤1000*800*10 30-90 300-700 40-100
SG1500 ﹤1000*1200*20 37-90 400-700 40-100
SG1800 ﹤1200*1500*25 55-110 500-700 40-100
SG2000 ﹤1500*1600*30 90-132 500-700 50-100
Note1:The final configuration of each model is determined by the size of the blade;
Note2:The size of feed material must be within the tearing capacity of each model;
Note3:The size of finished materials produced by different size cutters is different;
Note4:No matter what kind of material needs to be fed evenly;
Note5:Solid metal materials must be customized according to material size.

Shuguang tear machine manufacturer's Drinks bottles shredder has been developed for many years. After years of practice and improvement, we have implemented a complete set of solutions according to the actual needs of customers, so as to achieve the goal of reducing troubles for customers and increasing production and efficiency. At present, our Drinks bottles shredder has strong support from the mature technology and excellent quality for the mechanical application of the world's garbage recycling industry.

Equipment features
1: Drinks bottles shredder we produce heavy knife, high crushing power, cutting tools are made of special steel after forging production processing, strong and long service life.
2: our Drinks bottles shredder fuselage is welded with high strength steel plate. It can resist high torque and the fuselage is very strong and durable.
3: the Drinks bottles shredder we produce is automatically controlled by microcomputers (PC), setting up, stopping, reversing and overloading automatic inversion control.
4: we produce Drinks bottles shredder set with low speed, large torque, low noise, dust can meet the environmental standards.
5: the Drinks bottles shredder we produce is easy to adjust, the maintenance cost is low, and the economy is durable.
6: our production of Drinks bottles shredder can design tool diameter, thickness, claw and tool material according to customer needs, so as to ensure the customer's needs.