Single shaft shredder
  • Single shaft shredder
  • Single shaft shredder

Single shaft shredder

Made in China

  • Operating Weight: 6 T
  • Engine Power: 20 KW
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.3 M
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Single shaft shredder is a medium-low speed and large torque pulverizer with wide range of application. After being crushed, the material can be sold as raw material, or other products can be processed by other equipment. According to the type of broken material, the production range of this series is between 300 kg/h and 5000 kg/h.
The application range is as follows:
· plastic - plastic injection, extrusion, blown film, etc.
· wood - wooden brackets, logs, wood scraps, etc.
· paper -- paper, paper, cardboard, etc.
· cable - copper core, aluminum core cable and composite material cable.
· aluminum - can, aluminum, etc.
· chemical fiber -- carpet, labor protective clothing, etc.
· sponge - industrial waste, etc.
· composite materials -- glass fiber products, automobile windscreen, sealing tape, etc.
· safe destruction - imitation (fake), unqualified products, expired goods, etc.