aluminum can shredder
  • aluminum can shredder
  • aluminum can shredder

aluminum can shredder

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The aluminum shredder machine is suitable for crushing wide range of materials especially for aluminums (lump, block, film, fiber, container.etc); wood(block, root, pallet.etc); e-waste(circuit board, mobile, tv. etc); textile; paper and many others.
Working principle
The structure of the aluminum shredder is relatively simple. The transmission process is: the motor drives the spindle through the tearing chamber through the pulley, so that the knives rotate together with the turret body integrated with the main shaft. The waste plastic entering the tearing chamber is broken by the shearing action of the rotating knife and the fixed knife, and then sieved through the screen and dropped into the tank (or the skip).
1. Low noise, low energy consumption
2. Unique power design, detachable, and convenient for cleaning, maintenance and service
3. Strong aluminum shredder has wide application and is used for crushing and recycling various aluminum products and old materials.
4.The entire machine is made of steel and features stable performance and long service life, and the machine performance won't be dropped by crushing materials after long term work.
5.Adopt heavy-load bearing and oil seal with noise-isolating board, effectively prevent vibration and assure to protect the product from oil.
6. Adopt electric control safe design, the motor is installed with overload protective device and power supply interlock protective design for assuring safety when cleaning.
7. The cutter is flexible and adjustable, and can be sharpened repeatedly with ultra long service life. It is capable of easily crushing and cutting soft and hard plastic.
Technical Data
Type Feed Size
Power(kw) Blade Size
Diameter(mm) Width(mm)
SG600 <500*500*3 7.5-18.5 300-600 20-40
SG800 <700*700*5 15-45 300-600 20-40
SG1000 <800*800*8 30-55 300-700 30-100
SG1200 <1000*800*10 30-90 300-700 40-100
SG1500 <1000*1200*20 37-90 400-700 40-100
SG1800 <1200*1500*25 55-110 500-700 40-100
SG2000 <1500*1600*30 90-132 500-700 50-100